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Bird Control Service

Bird Control Service Inc. was established as a service company to satisfy the concerns of commercial, industrial, institutional and military building owners with nuisance pest bird problems.

Bird Control Service Inc. has over 30 years of experience controlling nuisance pest birds in all types of situations and locations.

Experience in the field of bird control service was gained in both practical field work and experimental application work. Over the years we have come to know what will work and what will not!

Bird Control Services is a company dedicated to proper service. We do not subscribe to fast cures or gimmicks. Our bird control removal is well proven with excellent results.

We enter each new situation with an open mind. We do not subscribe to one cure fits all. No preconceived solutions or products are ever brought to the property inspection and forced to solve your concern.

Our Federal EIN Number: 23-3037540

Our Dunn and Bradstreet Number: 79-668-9404

Our Military / Contractor Code Number: 00bc575

PA Business Number: BU 0928